Coloring Pages

Color Your Way to Interfaith Exploration

One goal for The Interfaith Family Journal is to help you claim joy as an interfaith family. And, some people find it easier to have intimate interfaith conversations while keeping your hands (or your children) busy. So to increase your joy, we’re providing coloring pages, for adults and children. May they inspire you during the Journal process, and spark interest in the religions and worldviews around you.

Coloring pages created by author and illustrator Emily Ettlinger.


The natural world is important in science-oriented belief systems including atheism and secular humanism, and also in Paganism, earth-centered religions, many religions of the African diaspora, and many indigenous religions including Native American traditions.


The hamsa is an image of a hand or open palm, originating in the traditions of ancient Mesopotamia and Carthage, and still found in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. This image incorporates Islamic tile designs, and the pomegranate, a symbol used in both Judaism and Islam.


The mandala image is primarily associated with Hinduism and Buddhism. But circular and symmetrical representations of the universe have also been found in many other religions through time.