In Person

Insightful talks and engaged conversations with Susan Katz Miller. These in-person or online discussions navigate religious complexity in our families, or the broader topic of multiple religious practice. Miller offers thought-provoking insights, expert guidance, and relatable anecdotes. She uses her wealth of experience not only in speaking engagements, but also in teaching, and couples coaching. Unlock the potential to enrich your interfaith experiences through her valuable advice and resources. Discover more about Susan Katz Miller’s teaching, coaching, and speaking opportunities. The years of events listed below reflect her dedication to fostering meaningful conversations and connections.

Upcoming and Past Events

  • ONLINE, Nov 19 (private), Guest Speaker, Rukin Fellows,
  • ONLINE, July 18 (private), Guest Speaker, Religious Worlds of New York Summer Institute, Interfaith Center of New York. 
  • SHAVUOT LIVE, ONLINE, June 9“Multiple Religious Practice,” Judaism Unbound, 6-7am ET. REGISTER HERE. Free, all are welcome.
  • ONLINE, June 7, Guest Speaker, Interfaith Couples Workshop, Interfaith Families Project, Washington DC.
  • RESIDENCY, April 14-May 19, “Multiple Religious Practice,” Saint Mark Presbyterian, Rockville, MD.
  • COURSE, Jan 16, 23, 30, “Jewish and…Buddhist? Pagan? Christian? Can You Do That?” UnYeshiva.
  • ONLINE, Jan 23, Guest Speaker, Interfaith Couples Workshop, Interfaith Families Project, Washington DC.
  • ONLINE, January 30. Guest speaker, Interfaith Couples Workshop, Interfaith Families Project of Greater Washington DC.
  • ONLINE, February 25. Guest speaker,  Couples and Conversation, 18Doors, Atlanta.
  • ONLINE: February 27.  “Non-Binary God, Non-Binary Spirituality.” Daylong workshop co-taught with Rabbi Mark Sameth, One Spirit Seminary, NYC. Fee, credit course. Watch video to meet the facilitators.
  • ONLINE, April 12. Guest speaker, “Complex Identities, Interfaith Relationships,” Lafayette College.
  • June 8. Guest speaker, Interfaith Couples Workshop, Interfaith Families Project of Greater Washington DC.
  • ONLINE, July 20, Guest speaker, “Supporting and Learning From interfaith Kids,” Religious Worlds of NY Summer Institute, Interfaith Center of New York.
  • ONLINE, Sept 8 2022.  Guest speaker, 18Doors Rukin Fellowship
  • ONLINE, January 15. Shabbat Dvar, Wandering Jews of Astoria, NYC.
  • ONLINE, January 31. Guest speaker, Interfaith Couples Workshop, Interfaith Families Project of Greater Washington DC.
  • ON AIR and PODCAST, February 13. Love Across Differences, State of Belief radio with Rev. Welton Gaddy.
  • PODCAST, February 14. Susan Katz Miller: Interfaith Practitioner. Array of Faith podcast with J. Dana Trent. 
  • March 7 and 21ONLINE. The Interfaith Family School, Chicago.
  • March 16, ONLINE, 4pm ET. Panel event: Personal Perspectives on Intermarriage. Nisa-Nashim, Jewish-Muslim Women’s Network, UK.  
  • April 14, ONLINE, Guest classroom lecture, University of Virginia, Charlottesville VA.
  • April 29, ONLINE,  Guest, Couples and Conversation, 18doors, NYC.
  • June 26 ONLINE, 5pm ET, Supporting Interfaith Families in Our Communities, Co-Facilitated with Aisha Hauser. Unitarian Universalist Association General Assembly (UUA GA). 
  • PODCAST: August 9,  A conversation on interfaith, intercultural, bilingual, and LGBTQ relationships, spirituality, addiction and recovery. Guest on the Tattoos and Torah podcast, with Rabbi Iggy, T’Shuvah Center, NYC.
  • PODCAST: Oct 21. Guest on What the Faith
  • Washington DC, July 31, panelist, Reimagining Interfaith, George Washington University
  • Washington DC, September 21, radio appearance, Interfaith Voices
  • Ifrane, Morocco, October 18, speaker, “Parents and Children in Intentional Mixed-Religious Communities,” at academic conference on Identities and (Trans)Nationalism in Mixed Families, Al Akhawayn University
  • Toronto ON, November 4th, 3:15pm, speaker, #GenInterfaith: Claiming Complex Religious Labels, Parliament of World’s Religions
  • Denver CO, November 18, 5:30pm, panelist, Interreligious Aesthetics: From Dialogue to the Senses, American Academy of Religion, Convention Center 505
  • Silver Spring MD, November 28, 7pm, In conversation with Amber Khan of WAMU speaking at “An Inspired Story Slam: Many Beliefs, One Family,” Silver Spring Civic Building, Fenton Room
  • Washington DC, February 5, radio appearance, WOWD 94.3, Takoma Radio
  • New York NY, February 14, Union Theological Seminary, spoke to John Thatamanil’s “Double Belonging” class
  • Washington DC, March 1, radio appearance, WOWD 94.3, Takoma Radio
  • Washington DC, April 1, Wesley Theological Seminary, guest speaker in Peniel Jesudason Rufus Rajkumar’s class on Multiple Religious Belonging
  • Cambridge MA, 6:30-8pm, April 24, Harvard Divinity School, 102 Andover Hall, guest lecture, “Being Both: Interfaith Families and Multiple Religious Belonging

Booking Information

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